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THE KNIT SHIFT – Utterly Artisan

This tailored separate, meticulously proportioned with soaring plunge lines, was converted into a luxuriously modern, back baring, halter top. Yes, it is truly a one-of-a-Kind Piece that screams little commercial sense and is just genuinely original, yet timeless for contemporaries. From a bold vision that seems to materialize out of thin air onto a sculpturally flowing statement piece that can easily be mixed and matched with staples already existing currently within your wardrobe.

The complexity in manipulation of knitted textile materials, reflects an overhauled new approach on knit. As an Independent Designer with a deliberate fondness for unusual silhouettes recreated from 100% environmentally recycled textiles, I frequently find the importance of installing the miracle of stretch and continually engineering this concept directly into the majority of Pepper designs to accommodate several body proportions for a flawless and comfortable finish. Polished and sensual, statement pieces that bring edginess yet sensibility to a “Modernist-Conscious” wardrobe collector.

This Hand-Built Knit Couture piece’s sole purpose is to accentuate you as well as the staples that you may have already acquired within your wardrobe such as mix and matching for example a classic cowl neck, unique blazer, oversized jean jacket, thin tailored slacks, or long flowing skirts lending help in translating your own customizable creative layering outlook. This versatile piece allows you the ability to mix and match within your existing wardrobe to create numerous lavish looks with the staples that currently exist within your closet, providing you many of options to wear this particular piece.

Artistic fashion pieces often time lend an individual a sense of polished liberation in turn allowing individuals the freedom to interpret their own unique ideals or beliefs on personal styling all the while opening some minds on what “wearable expression” can be in the process.

Details about the Piece:

Size: Fits Xs, S, M due to the stretch engineered into the design

Fabrication: 100% sustainable heavy knit produced from reclaimed sweater piece

Styling: As Backless architectural halter

Brand: A Pepper One-of-a-Kind Original Piece. Production No. 1

Origin: Reconstructed personally by the Designer on stateside U.S. Soil

Method: No Machine Stitches– completely hand draped and constructed design

Retail Price: $300

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