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My environmentally conscious, One-of-A-Kind productions are made here in the US - in my Alki Beach Studio! The designs are reconstructed from vintage material, making for a green carbon foot print and Eco-chic.



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Contact Me

Please use the form or send an email to:

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If you are dissatisfied with a garment please contact me.


How do I return an item?


In my many years of design I have never had any returns, but please contact me if you feel the need.


What is your returns policy?


Please see above regarding item return.

How do I track my order?


Shipping information will be sent once order is paid for, packaged and shipped. Please be sure your contact information is correct when ordering.


Do you provide International delivery?


International delivery is available. If the cost of shipping is beyond the default international amount, I will contact you to discuss.


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